Investment in mutual funds of the United States through the investment fund ICN Holding

This is an investment in mutual funds of the United States through the investment fund ICN Holding. It combines two functions:
1. Through it, you can also go into the managed portfolios of the funds Franklin Templeton and Putnam Investments.
2. You can invest in his own managed portfolios.

In terms of reliability – all the same:
1. Segregated accounts, that is, your money is kept not by the management company, but by the bank (depository). The ability to escape with your money is excluded.
2. 100% protection of capital from non-exchange risks (fraud, bankruptcy of a management company, technical failure, etc.). According to US law (the law on protection of investors from 1970), every investment account is insured by the state against non-exchange risks for up to $ 500,000.

That is, the reliability is the same as in the English method – 100%.

Franklin Templeton and Putnam Investments I think I should not present any more, a little about ICN Holding:
1. 20 years on the market, 1996 foundation. All the crises of the last 20 years have been profitable.
2. 80,000 customers in Russia
3. They are licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which is very easy to verify.
4. According to the report of the international rating agency Dun & Bradstreet have a state of assets 2R2 (good).

And now with simple words about what they can give us as investors:

?Reliability: 100% capital protection
?Liquidity: funds are withdrawn within 2 weeks.

The investment portfolio on the shares of CANSLIM technology is the average annual yield for the last 11 years: 20.51%.

Investment portfolio on ETF (US mutual funds) – average annual yield for the last 11 years: 18.93%.

This yield is significantly higher than the market. And this is not an accident for 1 year, this is the average annual figures for 11 years. This is strong.

And on 01.02.2016 the managed portfolio of Elloitt Wave was opened for investors, which for 10 months gave 19.41% per annum. I’m looking forward to February 1, 2017 to sum up.

? Entry threshold: 2300 $. Very democratic.
?Building of payment: no. That is, unlike the English method, you do not have to invest a certain amount every month.

I already said earlier that funds of the Franklin Templeton level are not interested in investments of less than $ 50,000. The English method reduces this threshold by means of mandatory payment and a decrease in the liquidity of investments for the first 2 years. Americans do the same, they have the cost of opening an account – they immediately take a commission for the first $ 20,000 of capital that you are going to create there.

In general, Americans are expensive to maintain. I have already said that all funds earn excellent money on investors, but let’s illustrate:

Let’s say you invest $ 300 in this tool every month. For 10 years you just save 300 * 10 * 12 = 36000 $. By this point, you have an account with a 20% return will be $ 87190. That is for 10 years you will receive 51190 dollars of profit. The fund will earn you about $ 20,000 for this time. But you will earn 51,000 on the fund (after all commissions)! I stick to the same position: what difference does it cost, if it is profitable?